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The Early Years

  • Born in Corwen, North Wales, United Kingdom, 1940.
  • Surviving drawings and paintings date back to age 4.
  • Recommended for the Slade School of Art, London at age 14.
  • Top prize winner (Sunday Pictorial, National Newspaper) age 15.
  • Top prize winner (Junior Bird League, IPC Press, London) age 15.  


  • Graduate of Keele University/Alsagar College, Stoke-on-Trent, England.
  • Manchester University, Manchester, England.


  • Career as a teacher/college lecturer for 13 years.  Compiled the first UK work preparation course for further education students.
  • Career as a professional bird artist since 1976, specialising in parrots from 1984-2004 and from 2004 to present specialising in European birds. To date he has painted over 1700 finely detailed watercolour paintings of birds.

1989, Commissioned to paint 'Princess of Wales Parrots' for H.R.H. Princess of Wales, Princess Diana.



Prominent International speaker at some of the world's most prestigious conventions, universities and organizations including: 
  • Midwest Avian Research Expo, USA.
  • The Gabriel Foundation  Symposium, USA (Lecturer & Master of Ceremonies)
  • Bird Clubs of Virginia  Annual Conference, USA.
  • Budgerigar Society Conference, UK.
  • UK Parrot Symposium.
  • Belgium Parrot Society Expo.
  • DUK, Denmark.
  • Canadian Parrot Symposium East, Toronto, Canada.
  • North of England Zoological Society, Chester, England .
  • Welsh Mountain Zoo, Colwyn Bay, N. Wales.
  • Glasgow Zoological Society, Glasgow, Scotland.
  • Gibbs Museum, Charleston, S. Carolina, USA
  • Grosvenor Museum, Chester, England.
  • Grosvenor Art Society, Chester, England.
  • Isle of Man Art Society
  • Various Wirral Art Societies, England.
  • Swansea University, Swansea, S. Wales.
  • BBC II Radio: a regular speaking contributor.
  • The Appleton Museum of Fine Art, Ocala, Florida, USA.
  • Oriel Ynys Mon, Llangefni, Anglesey, N. Wales
  • Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, England.

                         Often voted 'best speaker'. 

Art Teaching

  • Master Artist Class Teacher and Residential Art Course Tutor on watercolour painting of birds.
    • The Art League of Marco Island, Florida, USA.  (4 years)
    • Burton Manor College , England.  (12 years)
    • Shrewsbury Art Centre, England.  (4 years)

    Major Art Exhibitions

  • Allder’s, London in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund. 
    Complete sell out on the opening night.
  • Tryon & Swann Gallery, London.
  • Christies Auction House, London. 
  • Mall Galleries, London. 
  • R.S.P.B., Westminster, London. 
  • Royal Cambrian Academy , Conwy, N. Wales. 
Port Royal Gallery

Port Royal
Museum Gallery,
Naples, Florida, USA,


  • Marine Arts Gallery, Venetian Bay, Florida, USA.  
  • The Gibbs Museum, Charleston,  S. Carolina, USA.
  • Southeastern Wildlife Art Exposition , Charleston, S. Carolina, USA 
  • Landmark Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. 
  • Upland Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA.  
  • Nature in Art , Wallsworth Hall, Gloucester, England.  
  • The Grosvenor Museum, Chester, England.
  • Oldham Museum, Oldham, England.
  • R.S.P.B. ‘Birds in Art’, Llanberis,  N. Wales (most paintings sold by one artist).
  • Wern Mill Gallery, N. Wales, complete sell out on the opening night.
  • St. David's Hall, Cardiff, S. Wales.
  • Oriel Ynys Mon, Llangefni, Anglesey, N. Wales.
  • The National Exhibition of Wildlife Art , Hawarden, Liverpool & Wirral, England.   Exhibited all 24 years.
  • N.W.F.A. exhibitions at The National Trust locations, Erddig Hall & Penryhn Castle and the Ucheldre Centre all in North Wales.
Art Centre Wrexham, N. Wales.                                                        
Parrot Society Show of the Year.
Think Parrots, Kempton Park, England.
Chester Zoo Conference, Chester, England.
Ellesmere College Exhibition, Ellesmere, England.                                            
'Birds of Wales' Oriel ynys Mon, Llangefni, Anglesey, N. Wales
Winter 2022 Exhibition, Oriel Glasfryn Gallery, N. Wales
Along with 285 other art shows internationally.

Special Art Exhibitions

  • Art Show SEWE Horiz

    Southeastern Wildlife Art Exposition in Charleston, S. Carolina, USA
      on parrots.  The Mill's House venue featured a collection of the original watercolour paintings for the collector's book, 'Monograph of Macaws and Conures' along with other Eric Peake original paintings from private collections.  The Omni Hotel venue featured a collection of original paintings coupled with a lectures at the Gibbs Museum on 'Endangered Parrots'.  Eric is the only British artist to be invited over a 20 years span exhibiting at 17 expositions.  Southeastern Wildlife Art Exposition is rated as one of the finest and most prestigious wildlife art exhibitions in the world.

  • Grosvenor Museum, Chester England 
    A 25 year retrospective 'Celebration of Bird Art' exhibiton of original watercolour paintings including original art work from his early childhood up to the current date.  This honour was granted by the museum to celebrate his life's work as a bird artist.  Two lectures were included in the program along with visual TV coverage and showcases exhibiting the artist's work related artifacts.



Hotel Botanico, Puerto de la Cruz,
Tenerife, Canary Islands

'Moluccan Cockatoos' original watercolour.
Featured artist where 900 limited edition prints and the original watercolour 'Moluccan Cockatoos' hang permanently in the Hotel Botanico, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, one of the most prestigious 100 hotels worldwide.


Ocala, Florida, USA

Eric with 'African Grey Parrots' original watercolour painting in the
permanent collection at The Appleton Museum of Art, Ocala, Florida, USA.  2011

Birds in Wales Exhibiton, Oriel ynys Mon, Anglesey, N. Wales, UK.

16 Sep-5 Nov 2017
Featured artist with 20 original watercolour paintings and original pencil drawings on exhibit.  Eric's conceptural idea was six years in the making.
    Founding co-chairman with the exhibition  supported with a grant from The National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund. 

Donations of His Artwork and Collectors


Original painting 'Spix's Macaw and Young' was sold for over £15,500 (then $23,500 US).  All proceeds were donated by the artist to help the Spix’s Macaw Recovery Project in conjunction with the Loro Parque Fundacion, Tenerife, Canary Islands. The Spix's Macaw became extinct in the wild in 2000.  Several captive breeding programs are working hard to keep this species for future generations.


Donations of original watercolour paintings have raised funds for:

  • Loro Parque Fundacion, Tenerife, Spain.
  • The Gabriel Foundation, Colorado, USA.
  • Midwest Avian Research Programs, USA. 
  • University of GA Research for Avian Diseases and Vaccines, USA.
  • Buffon’s Macaw Project, Costa Rica.
  • The Loridaee Society, USA.
  • Parrot Fund International.Spix


  • 'Spix's Macaw' original watercolour painting
    is one of several originals in the Loro Parque Corporate collection.  This original was used
    for the logo of the Loro Parque Fundacion, Tenerife, Canary Islands.  'Spix's Macaws' is
    one of the featured limited edition prints hanging in the Hotel Botanico, Tenerife, Canary Islands. 

    All editions of this limited edition print are now sold out.


  • Donations of limited edition prints are too numerous to mention.  Many editions of which are now sold out.
  • Eric Peake originals are in private, public, museum and corporate collections worldwide.  For more details see Gallery on this website for International collections.

Memberships and Honours

  • PFI Logo 

  • Founding member and past trustee of Parrot Fund International where 100% of funds go directly to help the parrots.
  • Board member for The Gabriel Foundation, Colorado, USA.      
  • Founding member of Nature in Art, Wallsworth Hall, Gloucester, England.
  • Founding member of National Exhibition of Wildlife Art , United Kingdom.
  • Vice President of The Society for the Protection of Aviculture, U.K.
  • Life Vice President of L.C.N.W.B.S., United Kingdom. 
    Founding Co-Chairman, Birds in Wales exhibition, Anglesey, N. Wales, U.K

  • Kentucky Colonel Award



  • High honours: Commissioned a 'Kentucky Colonel' by the state of Kentucky, USA  for outstanding contributions to his nation and for artistic and avian related achievements.
  • BC of VA, USA Award for educational outreach supporting responsible ownership of pet birds & the BCV Outstanding Support Award.
  • M.A.R.E., USA Award for his dedication to the avian community.
  • North Wales Fine Art Society :   Best in Show and Highly Commended at Oriel Ynys Mon (Gallery), Llangefni, N. Wales.
  • Hagen International, Canada 2015 Special Recognition Award for service to the avian and art world throughout his career.   
  • 'Artist of the Year', Acquisition International 2015 Business Excellence Awards.
  • National Library of Wales archives in 2016 for future generations.
  • Nominated for Culture: St. David's Award 2018 Wales.
  • Queen's Birthday Honours List United Kingdom - 10 October 2020:                Awarded MBE by Her Majesty The Queen                                                        for services to Art and Ornithological Conservation. 
  • 'Artist of the Year', Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2022-23


  • Published  Limited Edition  prints with distributors in the UK, USA, Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Cyprus and the US Virgin Islands.  See Print section of this website for further details.


Artist Signed Print by Eric Peake


Published over 200 Artist Signed prints in an 'open edition' of parrots, British & European birds, game birds, birds of prey, tropical birds and exhibition birds.  See Print section of this website for further details.

  • ‘Lovebirds of Africa’, TFH Publishers, NY, commissioned to produce 27 original watercolour paintings.  Six of these original Lovebird watercolour paintings are in the artist's private collection.  The rest of the collection has been sold worldwide.


Vidoe Cover


 TV documentary, in video format,

 'The Art  of Parrots', MARK-IT Television.

 This suberb video covers many components of

 Eric Peake's  career as a bird artist. 

 Available to order on this website.

  • Limited edition bone china plate series, now sold out.
  • Artwork chosen for greeting cards and calendars.
  • Frequent author/contributor of articles for major avian related publications including 'Parrot Magazine'  and 'Cage and Aviary Birds'.
  • Front cover illustrations and logo for the Parrot Society, UK .
  • Parrot Fund International Logo.
  • Loro Parque Fundacion Logo.
  • Front cover illustrations and forward for the series 'All About Budgies' books distributed by Hampshire Breeders, UK.
  • Feature article on Eric's parrot paintings, 'Wildlife Art Magazine' , USA.
  • Artwork for the current 'Exhibition Standards for British Birds' booklet published by the British Bird Council .
  • Artwork for the current 'Scottish British Bird And Mule Club' book published by the SBB&MC.
  • Listed on . 
  • Included in  ‘The Dictionary of Artists in Wales since 1945’.
  • Eric Peake website archived at The National Library of Wales in 2016.


Major Publication ~ Limited Edition Collector's Book




'Monograph of Macaws and Conures'

by Tony Silva with paintings by Eric Peake.

Mattacchione Publishers, commissioned to produce 40 original   watercolour paintings and 50 original pencil drawings for this collector’s limited edition book.  Collectively the artwork took 5 years to complete and represent some of the finest parrot paintings ever produced.   The collection of original paintings for this book was purchased by a Canadian corporation/patron as the fine art division of their art collection.  In the parrot fraternity, this is considered one of the best collections of parrot paintings in the world.   This collection of original watercolour paintings is currently up for sale in Canada (see Press Release on website).


Avicultural Contributions

  • Started birdkeeping at the age of 7 when he was given 2 pairs of budgies by his father.
  • Between the ages of 11 and 16, he kept around 100 budgerigars along with white fantail pigeons.
  • Exhibiting budgerigars, he won the best Junior exhibit at the age of 15 in North Wales.
  • Joined the Budgerigar Society  in 1956. 
  • One of the youngest budgerigar judges in the UK at the age of 26.  Judging experiences have included the National Exhibiton, The Budgerigar Society Club Show and leading shows in the UK as well as extensive judging in the USA, Canada and Europe.  His ability as all round judge had provided him with engagements in the adjudication of tropical, native and foreign species of birds with occasional judging of canaries as well.
  • One of the youngest 'Chairman' of 3 separate bird societies.
Eric with bird ribbons






Achieved many top awards        with his birds.




  • Raised the first registered Champion budgerigar in North Wales.
  • Commissioned to paint the present colour standards for the Budgerigar Society covering all the colour varieties.
  • Commissioned to paint the 'Standard of Perfection' for the Budgerigar Association of America in 2007.

Updated BS Ideal





 Commissioned to paint the BS 'Ideal' in 1980 and 2000.  This Standard is used by Budgerigar Fanciers as a guide for exhibition purposes worldwide.



  • Life Vice President of one of the UK's largest budgerigar area societies.
  • President of The Budgerigar Society 2016.
  • Vice President of the Budgerigar Society 2015.
  • Honorary Life Member of the Budgerigar Society.
  • First lecturer (and often repeat lecturer) at the Budgerigar Society Convention held every 5 years in the UK.
  • Bred, raised and exhibited over 2000 budgerigars, native species, tropical birds, canaries, pigeons and pheasants.
  • Past president of the National British Bird & Mule Society, United Kingdom.
  • Honorary Vice President of the Northern Counties Native Bird & Hybrid Society, United Kingdom.
  • Founder of the Welsh British Bird & Mule Society.
  • Many thought provoking ideas have resulted in changes in legislation as well as the UK government approving his contributions in the area of identification ringing of British birds in aviculture in 1977.
  • Campaigned to stop the sale of unweaned baby birds to the general public in the USA.
  • Paramount in his thoughts and actions is the campaign for the welfare and well being of birds in aviculture.

                            'EXTINCTION IS FOREVER!'


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